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The laundry is our trusty work horse and is not considered to be the most exciting part of your house. It is often neglected and undesirable, however it is the most utilised space of any room in your home.


A highly functional laundry should be designed so as it is both both practical and comfortable to work in. This means that all elements have been considered carefully, so as you can do what you need to do both easily and comfortably.


Most laundries are considered to be the home of the washing machine, tumble dryer, laundry trough and ironing board. Good planning and designing, should take into account items such as style, lighting, bench space, cabinetry and storage to enable the most out of your space whilst still enabling core fuctions of practicality and comfort.


Smart Building Projects can convert your laundry into a custom designed area that uses your existing space and resources to produce a room that is both functional and stylish.